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areas of focus


​physical  |  mental  |  emotional  |  spiritual  |  environmental  |  financial  |  professional  |  social  |  sexual

"connection is why we're here;

it is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives."

-brené brown

When we practice the art of connection in one area of our being, it transfers and transforms the others.  True well-being is an unfolding process of becoming.  We are not linear by design and we certainly do not fit into easily constructed boxes.  We are ever-evolving and have a multitude of overlapping and interconnected parts to our whole selves.  The work I support my clients in is DEEP and extends far beyond what they initially believe is possible.

Transformative coaching allows individuals to focus on their immediate concerns, as well as their long-term goals, and gain an expanded capacity to take effective action and skillfully self-correct when they find themselves out of balance.



  • balance: mind  |  body  |  soul

  • increased joy + satisfaction

  • stress-reduction + management

  • long-term excellence

  • capacity for self-resourcing

Notebook Dried Plants
Wooden Furnitures
Succulents on Windowsill

Gallup’s annual 'most honest and ethical professions poll'  rated nurses the highest trusted profession for the 20th year in a row in 2022.  My role as a nurse is based on a social responsibility to advocate, assist and respond in order to support my clients in reaching their highest potential. 


I create the space for unconditional presence and authenticity to facilitate deep transformation for my clients.  


past + current clients include:

  • entrepreneurs

  • small business owners

  • business leaders

  • healthcare professionals

  • community leaders 

  • working parents/ caregivers

  • stay-at-home parents/ caregivers

  • non-profit professionals

  • individuals going through life/ career transitions

  • teachers and educators

the nurse coach

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