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meghan is knowledgeable, caring, and practical with a real passion for helping people live their very best life.  her approach is holistic and our time together was not only about healthy habits to lower my blood pressure, but encouraged me to listen to and appreciate myself and the world around me.  the holistic approach coupled with meghan's medical knowledge is the perfect combination and the proof is the results.  anyone who is dealing with stress, health issues, and those who want to make real and lasting changes to live their very best life would greatly benefit from meghan's coaching.  from start to finish i felt encouraged and filled with hope that change was possible.


meghan is such a joy and i feel blessed to have had her as my coach.  her delivery style is comfortable and inviting.  her repertoire and thirst for knowledge amazes and encourages me.  i'm thankful she shared herself with me.  she is an excellent role model.


prior to working with meghan i felt overwhelmed and exhausted most of the time.  working with her helped me narrow my vision and focus on small steps at a time.  meghan helped me celebrate my successes.  working with meghan helped me allow myself grace and feel encouraged to move forward in small steps to avoid feeling overwhelmed.   i appreciate how direct meghan is and how personal she made the entire experience of coaching.  i would recommend her to anyone who feels overwhelmed and is ready to step back and look at what steps can be taken to facilitate the big goals and picture.


meghan is an amazing soul with such positive and vibrant energy!  her dedication to wellness is evident in her thoughtful, authentic and intuitive mindfulness practices.  her sense of calm helped me feel grounded, positive and present in the moment, especially when external circumstances were affecting in a negative way.  i really looked forward to our meetings together and would highly recommend her to anyone interested in being more spiritually connected.


what started out as a search for support in losing weight turned into an exploration of how i could have a deeper connection with my children and a calmness within myself.  meghan opened my eyes to strategies and thought processes which brought me an inner peace during the journey- but not before it stirred up a lot of emotions and revelations!  through the work she encouraged me to do, i realized it's not a number on the scale, but a peace from within that i am striving for.  the work itself can be tough to face sometimes so it was helpful to center myself through her guided words to calm my busy body and brain and focus on receiving the support.


working with meghan was extremely helpful.  she provided a safe place for me to truly explore how i'd gotten stuck and brainstorm ways to unstick myself.  during the time i worked with her, i added multiple new healthy habits to my arsenal.  she was extremely professional- her in-session mindfulness exercises were a great way to bring me into the space and remind me of how much of a difference breathing exercises and meditation make in my mental health.  she was emotionally generous, never judgmental, and had a great sense of humor.  i'd recommend meghan to anyone who is struggling and wants to improve their mental and physical health.  specifically, people who have trouble keeping promises to themselves about their health and well-being and could use an accountability partner and healthcare professional to coach them along.



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