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meghan ruttan


Hello Beautiful Human!  I'm so glad you're here.  My name is Meghan and I am a Board Certified Life + Well-Being Nurse Coach and Holistic Business Coach. 


I support bold leaders, artists, and creatives

who are ready to shift into a new timeline of empowerment,

transformation, higher potential, and higher energetic resonance.


We live in a 'doing-based' culture filled with external striving and perfectionism.  In fact, the root to so many of our issues (mental/ emotional/ physical) stems from this pattern of over-doing and under-being.  


Our empowerment comes from owning our stories, prioritizing radical self-care, and engaging in life from a balanced and centered place.  I believe in a holistic approach to all areas of our life: career, lifestyle, relationships, well-being, and wealth. 


Using both the art and science of holistic practices, I support my clients in shifting out of patterns, cycles, energy, vibrations, and beliefs that do not serve them- and reconnecting with their deeper selves, attuning their path toward what is most abundant, relevant, and beneficial for them, as well as for the highest good.  Together, we ritualize joy and abundance!   

We are not meant to navigate our journey alone.  You deserve to take bold action in all areas of your life.  You were made for more.

What I Specialize In

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